Candy to Jazz Up any Occassion!

Jazzy Candy came about by sister Georgia loved "dry" marshmallows - not fluffy, but more crunchy. In Denver, Colorado all she had to do was leave the bag open to air for a few days or maybe a week, and the marshmallows would be just the way she liked them. Well....anyone who knows about the Midwest weather, knows it is humid a great deal of the time; therefore, no matter how long she left a bag open, they would never "dry out" to the consistency she loved. Hence my idea to develop a "crunchy" marshmallow. From there came the multitude of sizes, shapes, and flavors you will see today.

We hope our customers enjoy this new and different candy option. People who have tried our candy try to determine what it is or what it reminds them of. Some have said it is like divinity and others equate it to the texture of a malted milk ball; yet almost all of them know that the flavor is that of a marshmallow.

Jazzy Candy now offers more than just marshmallows!  We have added gourmet chocolates to our product line. We offer solid chocolates, pure chocolate discs with flavored crunch on top in english butter toffee or peppermint candy.  Our newest creation that has been a huge success with customers is our delicious Sea Salt Caramels and Sea Salt Turtles made with cashews or pecans. Customers have told us that our chocolate is amazing!  Add to that a smooth and creamy caramel, some grey sea salt, and voila! 

We are always striving to come up with new and exciting delights for our customers. We do not mass produce our candy; everything happens at the time we receive an order. We love to do party favors for children's birthday parties, birthday gifts for friends & loved ones, weddings, showers, holidays, and corporate events.  If you would like to leave the creativity to us, give us a call at (618) 215-5024 & we will help you by providing unique gift ideas and options.