Candy to Jazz Up any Occassion!

Here we showcase some of the creations we have assembled for our customers.

If you see something you like or want something entirely different we can do it.

You can call Toni at (618) 215-5024 for a personal consultation.

You can also use our "Contact Us" Page and we will contact you at your request.


         Angry Bird Party  Star Wars Party  Cowboy Party        Nerd Party               Halloween Party           Pirate Party    


  Happy Birthday Stemware     Chocolate Edible                 Baby Shower                     Halloween Pops                 Christmas Village
                                                    Business Cards     


       Baby Shower Pop               Easter Basket             Solid Chocolate Bar                     Minecraft Party             Custom Color Wedding


Spongebob Party      Ladybug Gift               Independence Day Pops                                     Halloween Pops                 Nested Gift Set


Mini Easter Box           Solid Chocolate Rabbits                                Edible Logos                                      Wedding Chocolates