Candy to Jazz Up any Occassion!

Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels


If you love chocolate, you love caramel, & you love the combination of sweet & salty - you have got to try these!  They are delicious and just melt in your mouth!

We create each piece by hand using our silky smooth and deliciously sweet caramel surrounded by our smooth and creamy chocolate. Topped off with a pinch of Tamise' French Grey Sea Salt. Truly a treat to be savored and enjoyed for any occasion!

We also offer the option to eliminate the sea salt so that even people who do not want extra salt in their diet don't have to miss out on these delicious caramels.

Our delicious chocolate caramels are offered with the options listed below. Just make your selections and your delicious chocolate caramels will be delivered promptly.   

    Option 1: Package quantity

  • 9 Piece - $12.75

  • 16 Piece - $20.00

  • 24 Piece - $25.75

  • 32 Piece - $34.00

    Option 2: Chocolate flavor

    Option 3: Sea Salt